JPY Crosses Daily Analysis and Price Predictions for 06 June 2024


Current Price: 155.868 JPY

Prediction: Moderate bullish trend

Key Levels:

  • Support: 155.35 JPY, 154.80 JPY
  • Resistance: 156.11 JPY, 156.50 JPY


  • Trend: Bullish
  • Indicators: Moving averages and oscillators are slightly bullish. Volume at 75.40K indicates moderate trading activity.

Summary: USD/JPY likely to rise with resistance at 156.11 to 156.50 JPY. Watch support at 155.35 and 154.80 JPY.


Current Price: 199.331 JPY

Prediction: Moderate bearish trend

Key Levels:

  • Support: 198.97 JPY, 198.50 JPY
  • Resistance: 199.65 JPY, 200.00 JPY


  • Trend: Bearish
  • Indicators: Technical indicators suggest a downtrend.


Current Price: 169.634 JPY

Prediction: Slight bearish trend

Key Levels:

  • Support: 169.20 JPY, 168.80 JPY
  • Resistance: 169.80 JPY, 170.20 JPY


  • Trend: Bearish
  • Indicators: Bearish continuation expected, monitor resistance at 169.80 and 170.20 JPY.

Market Insights

  • Japanese Yen: Steady at 155.85 per dollar amid BOJ concerns over missing the 2% inflation target. Safe-haven demand supports yen strength.
  • EUR/JPY Outlook: Potential rise despite expected ECB rate cut. ECB’s data-dependent approach may support EUR/JPY bullish structure.


Today’s forecast indicates a bullish trend for USD/JPY, a bearish outlook for GBP/JPY, and a slight bearish trend for EUR/JPY. Monitor key support and resistance levels and stay updated on central bank announcements for informed trading decisions.